Monday, February 7, 2011

Our first child

Anyone that knows us knows that we adore our little dog Zapato (Zap). Lately, our sweet son has been having some massive allergy attacks. His skin, ears, belly and face are all itchy. We have switched his food (thinking it was a food allergy) to one of those, no filler, no corn, no additive meals. While this helped for a little while, and his coat is certainly much shinier, he has gotten even itchier. This results in him waking up 5 times a night, flapping and shaking loudly, army crawling across the carpet to scratch his belly and finally him jumping on our bed. 5 times a night. We have not gotten much sleep.

People have always said "dogs help you get ready for kids" (even though I don't really understand that logic), but this is rediculous. I know we are in for some sleepless nights. Is it bad that the first thing I think about is howit is going to be payback for what the dog is putting us through now?

In other news you are probably more interested in: I am 6 weeks today! Our bean is the size of a lentil and apparently has a heartbeat. I am so anxious for my first ultrasound on Wednesday!!!

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