Thursday, October 27, 2011

1 month!

Thanks to Aunt Jan for the adorable stickers!

Things Miles can do: cry, poop, sleep for 3-4 hour, smile, coo, roll over from front to back, unemployed.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The big day

I got some requests wondering about how Miles' big day went down, so here goes. Because the last couple of weeks of pregnancy did not afford me the ability to demonstrate my most graceful personality traits and the fact that I wore flip flops to work the entire week before he was born, Ryan and I were contemplating scheduling an induction for Wednesday 9/28. So, I decided that the Friday before was my last day of work and I would work from home until the baby was born/smoked out.

The weekend before was filled with me scratching off items from my huge honey-do list whilst watching football. I believe this is called nesting. Touching up the paint in the nursery, WD40ing all the squeaky hinges, baby laundry, last minute run to babys R us, crying at the aggies 2nd half choke, etc. I also ate a ton of spicey food and walked around memorial park in efforts to move things a long since, according to my doctor, my baby had made no progress towards wanting to make an appearance.

Monday, I finished up some loose ends from work. My Fall semester started so I did a weeks worth of homework all in one day and gave my professor that I was going to probably have a baby that week. He was quite understanding. However, all of this was done whilst having a steady number of contractions. They were all like 12-15 minutes apart and pretty steadily annoying. Since I had been having contractions for the past few weeks, I didn't really pay attention to these. Ryan and I went out to eat for dinner around 8 and then made a last minute run to CVS for a few items. Here is a pic of the belly at CVS.

Around 4:45 am a contraction woke me up (again, this had already been happening for a couple of weeks so I didn't think anything of it) and I felt like I needed to make one of my many nightly pilgrimages to the bathroom. This is when my water broke. An incredibly weird situation. I called the doctor to let them know the situation so they could call ahead to the hospital, I took a shower, shaved my legs, dried my hair, took the dog to the boarders and checked into the hospital around 7am.

Once at the hospital, I toughed out the labor pains for a few hours. The truth is, I was terrified of getting an epidural. The thought of a needle in my back freaked me the hell out. I knew there would be a point where I would really want it, but I thought I would wait until I was uncomfortable enough where the needle in the back wouldn't bother me. So, I had some IV pain meds around 11 and 12. Around noon, I had the anesthesiologist paged. It was starting to get uncomfortable. Up until this point, my labor was progressing nicely on its own. From noon to 3, the baby apparently had a change of heart and decided to stall out at bit. I was then given drugs to help things "progress". Then things got really uncomfortable and the baby started to get himself into positions where the heart rate would slow down when it should have been speeding up. Kind of freaky when suddenly there are 5 people in your room flipping you from one side to another and hooking you up to oxygen. It was like they were trying to turn a whale. The face I'm making below is when they were guestimating I would be in labor for another 7-8 hours.

FINALLY around 8:45, they let me start pushing. A little less than 45 minutes later...BABY!

Has it really been 2.5 weeks?

Here are some pics from the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, this weekend, I'll get a shutterfly album started.
Zap is ever checking on his little brother and licking the back of his head to make sure he's not an imposter baby.

Yes I had a little fun with some of the clothes we got... I think he gets that sideways "what the hell do you think you're doing" look from his mother.

Miles hates baths. When he gets mad he instantly looks like an 85 year old man, adorable.