Thursday, December 8, 2011

Been a while...

Yeah I know, its been a while since I updated the blog. We have definitely had some fun moments in the past few weeks...and some trying ones. But all in all, the little guy has been a really fun adventure so far. He's starting to settle into a bit of a routine now. He's down to 6 hearty feeds a day, holding strong with 3 good naps, and sleeping from about 8:30-3:30am just about every night. Recently, we transitioned Mr. Miles to his own room and packed up the pack n plan in our room. With the exception of last night and his first night in his room, he has done great! Mom and Dad aren't doing to bad with it either...though, it does help that we have a video monitor with night vision.

He is definitely a smiler, cooer (though no full out giggles yet, just squeals), and love to cheat on tummy time by rolling over. He's decided that he likes his small swing, but only when he gets to look at the Christmas tree lights. Miles still has most of his hair (mom's natural color) and bright blue eyes (where did those come from?). His first cold came and went, at the same time Ryan was out of town for work for 3 days. God bless Tylenol.

Here are some of the fun moments that we've had over the past few weeks:

4 generation photo at Gee-Gee's birthday celebration

Nana and Buddy-Ro came in for Thanksgiving to see their boy and to search for a house in Katy!

Another 4 generation pic (how lucky is this kid!) on Thanksgiving. I love this picture so much because Miles' Abuelita is rocking him in the same chair my great-grandmother (also called Abuelita) rocked every woman in this picture.

After Thanksgiving, Miles got to meet my dear friend Christy's son, Mr. Duncan! I can already tell these two are going to stir up trouble together. I love it!

Who doesn't love to see nekkid baby butt? Miles decided it was better to pee on Daddy rather than in his tub.

Finally, his two month picture with Big Brother Zap.