Monday, April 18, 2011

Don't be ashamed.

I know I'm guilty of a couple of these cliches. Don't be ashamed, embrace the smugness that pregnancy might have brought you. Thanks to Val for the video.

Friday, April 15, 2011

What are we doing this weekend?

This weekend the big plans are to begin the migration of the study/office into the guest bedroom to make way for the bean's stuff. Primarily, this means getting a new and smaller desk, TV stand, and cleaning out both closets. There are also a couple of other DIY projects that I will keep a suprise for now. We are also going to tear down the monstrous blinds that take up the 80x80 inch window and put up some new window treatments. All while doing my economics homework. Stay tuned for before and afters!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

We've got a jumping Bean!

The past few days I have experienced what all the websites call "fluttering" but I just attributed this feeling to gas. This morning, there was a distinct knock from within my uterus! There is definitely something in there!! This is starting to feel more and more real everyday. Through all my ultrasounds, I keep forgetting that what I see on the screen is actually going on in my body. This was a nice reminder that I am actually growing that little critter.

Gift from the Burtons!

Ryan came home yesterday to discover that we received a package from his parents. However, we have a little gate that blocks the walkway to the front door and when we have packages delivered they are thrown over this gate. Zapato considers the delivery of packages a serious invasion of his kingdom. He barrels down the stairs and through the doggy door and launches a full attack on the boxes and their contents. This made amazon deliveries during Christmas quite interesting. Thankfully, it is usually only the boxes, not the contents, that are damaged.

This was a close call... Thankfully, the children's book, box of diapers, and package of onesies were not damaged. Zap is just excited about opening presents I think.