Saturday, February 19, 2011


Ok so I have been pretty averse to wanting to do maternity clothes shopping or hunting around for clothing sales because I have been pretty superstitious...until today.

It is official. I have made my first official maternity-ware purchase from motherhood The bra shopping doesn't count because that wasn't fun. I could not pass this up, it was 10 bucks and Ryan will be taking this lady to plenty of games to get some hot dogs and helmet sundaes.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Being bloated is fun

This is how a 7week pregnant woman gets her pants to fit her bloated belly.

Monday, February 14, 2011


This weekend, Ryan and I let Justin in on our little secret during our trip to Austin. Ryan had a writers seminar that he wanted to attend so Justin and I had a nice day of some brother sister bonding planned. However, I think we both got a little more than we bargained for. I woke up Saturday morning and could no longer fit into my bra. Bam! Just like that!! Since Ryan had already left for the day, I meekly asked my brother in law to take me bra shopping. I was so embarassed. Thankfully, Justin was a great sport and patiently waited on the husband couches at Nordstroms while the sales lady helped me and my girls out.
Post shopping, and once the girls were nice and strapped in, the two of us and our dogs enjoyed a great 2.5 mile hike through a dog trail in Austin. Although, poor Zap wasn't quite as enthusiastic about the water as his cousin Libby.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Burton's Bean!!

So yesterday I went for my first ultrasound to see how the butter bean was growing. Thankfully, my regular gynecologist used to be an OB and was more than happy to see me at 6 weeks.

Everything looks great! I forgot to get a picture though :(

Next time!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why are we doing this?

Ryan and I decided not to let anyone in on our little secret for a while. We are going to hold out until at least the end of March once we are out of the danger zone/first trimester. So, we have started this blog for a couple of reasons. First, it gives us our own account of this journey that will surely fly by very quickly. Second, it give me an outlet to describe all that is going on when we can't tell our loved ones. Finally, it will give our family and friends a chance to look at what the heck has been going on this whole time that I have been in hiding. A friend of mine did this, and it seems like a great idea. Hopefully, I will be as diligent as she is in maintaining the blog.

So, let me take this opportunity to say the following. To the six parents (future grandparents) and our wonderful friends, please don't take it personally that we haven't been coming around as much. We are hiding a secret from you and don't want you to catch on. So, I am blaming everything on school or work. There have been many appearances of just Ryan because we didn't want to think of an awkward excuse for me not kicking back a lone star. Again, school is a very convenient excuse.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Our first child

Anyone that knows us knows that we adore our little dog Zapato (Zap). Lately, our sweet son has been having some massive allergy attacks. His skin, ears, belly and face are all itchy. We have switched his food (thinking it was a food allergy) to one of those, no filler, no corn, no additive meals. While this helped for a little while, and his coat is certainly much shinier, he has gotten even itchier. This results in him waking up 5 times a night, flapping and shaking loudly, army crawling across the carpet to scratch his belly and finally him jumping on our bed. 5 times a night. We have not gotten much sleep.

People have always said "dogs help you get ready for kids" (even though I don't really understand that logic), but this is rediculous. I know we are in for some sleepless nights. Is it bad that the first thing I think about is howit is going to be payback for what the dog is putting us through now?

In other news you are probably more interested in: I am 6 weeks today! Our bean is the size of a lentil and apparently has a heartbeat. I am so anxious for my first ultrasound on Wednesday!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Due date

This fine icy day in Houston got me thinking about what the weather will be like during my pregnancy, due date, and maternity leave.

According to the handy dandy internet, my due date is October 5th. Which is pretty cool for a couple of reasons. First, this is my dear friend Nora's birthday. Second, this means I'll be able to take maternity leave for October, November, and December and I won't have to bear the hot summer months with a newborn.

On the other hand, this means I will be 7 months pregnant in the glorious August heat in Houston... This does not excite me (or anyone else around me). This also means that I will be huge, hot and emotional during my busiest time at work. I cannot guarantee the safety of the Leukemia Department Fellows. Some might be eaten.

Things could be worse. All in all, I think I have lucked out with the timing.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hunger pains

When I was a kid, I learned that there was an actual possibility that people could DIE from starvation. From that point on I thought that hunger pangs were actually my body dying from not eating. My poor parents can attest to the fact that whenever I felt hungry/death knocking on my door finding food became top priority. My parents just thought I was being overdramatic. I actually thought I was dying 5 times a day.

My goal is not to eat everything in sight or fall prey to the "eating for two" when the second is the size of a sesame seed. My appetite has gotten much stronger, but I don't really desire to eat a larger quantity of food. However, the past couple of days, when I start to feel hungry it is as if nothing else in the world exists or matters. I sat through a 3 hour meeting to day and can only remember half. The other hour and a half i was day dreaming about how wonderful my leftovers (dirty rice) would taste with Cholula on top. I cannot focus on ANYTHING when i'm hungry.

Last week, I could have powered through the hunger. Now, it brings me to a screetching halt and turns me into a zombie.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feels like College

Pregnancy has not quite reached that magical/glowing/wonderful stage that I keep hearing so much about. The best way I can describe how I feel now at week 5 is hungover. I am tired, bloated, queasy, grouchy, hungry but I feel full, and I am paler than normal (hard to believe). I am just trying to keep to myself in my little office and trying to resist the urge to lock my door and fall asleep under my desk or puke during a meeting (which totally almost happened today).
In other news: my blood level came back today at a whopping 16,516 today. This means that my body is hard at work growing a gut full of human.