Sunday, July 24, 2011

Zap's learning...slowly

What do you mean by "these aren't your toys"??

We have slowly, very slowly, been trying to teach our perfect pooch that things BB's room are not for him. When we are home, we leave the nursery door open and follow him downstairs to make sure he's not trying to ninja steal one of the toys. Sometimes, we won't even notice that he went downstairs, but we will hear him tear up the stairs, cut across the master bedroom carpet and dive under the bed Indiana Jones style with his new captive...the duck rattle (seen in the corner). For those of you who don't know this about our dog, under the bed is his secret lair where we will find tissue paper, mail, a shoe, a dead bug, a belt, and other things he knows are forbidden. It's like he thinks "if I can just make it under the bed, then their short arms cannot reach me MWHAHAHA".

So, now when we follow him downstairs, we let him approach the toys but say a stern "No, Leave it, Those are baby's toys" and then he just sits there and stares at us like this. Then we feel like we are neglectful parents. Then we wonder, good God, if we feel like this after telling our DOG no, we are in for some serious trouble when it comes to telling our kid no.

Monday, July 18, 2011

29 weeks and babymoon

Here is the belly at 29 weeks. There is lots and lots of movement from the baby, mostly in and around my right rib cage. I felt it have the hiccups for the first time which was a pretty weird feeling, but really awesome. Hard to believe I'm in my last trimester!

Ryan and I rented a beach condo in Destin (actually Miramar) for a few days last week. Sort of a last hoorah with just the two of us before the baby gets here. We had a day and a half of gorgeous weather and then we had to walk away from the wall of water you see in the background. Despite the rain, we had an amazing time just relaxing, watching movies (LIKE THE LAST HARRY POTTER OMG!!), and eating some great food.

Zap is still being Zap and hogging all things in the house, like the snoogle.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Adventures in creating the nursery Part 3

If you haven't already done so, read Part 1.

Then read Part 2.

Then read the rest!

So after an a/c-less night + 3 fans from walmart and a lot of popsicles, we called the a/c guy bright and early 4th of July morning to come out and fix our misadventure. Apparently, the stud finder found the small copper tube you see there in the pic. The nail found its way all the way through and the freon found itself freed from its confines. So, even though we weren't able to get fireworks on the 4th, there was a blowtorch in the nursery.

Next, we patched the hole, spackled, and textured the heck out of the wall and assembled the crib. Frank, Sharon and Justin were nice enough to stay an extra day beyond what they had planned to help out with the repairs and the completion of the chair rail.

The final result!

We are totally in love with the result!! It is obviously a little bare, but we have a couple months to add the finishing touches.

Thanks to the Burtons for coming in from El Paso and Austin to help out with the nursery!!!

Adventures in creating the nursery Part 2

Ok Burtons, lets get this chair rail cut! Mamma got a new saw!
Zap: I can't believe you're letting the pregnant one use the saw. I smell epic failure...

Obtuse angle trim cut WIN!

Nailing up the chair rail. So far so good.

Justin: Hey does this nail feel cold to you?
Frank: What's that noise? (pulls out nail)
Wall: hsssssssssssss (see frost below nail)
Ryan: Crap. That can't be good. LIZ TURN OFF THE A/C!!!!!!!

This little mishap set us back a day (without a/c).

Adventures in creating the nursery Part 1

Ok kids, lets get this party started...with taping everything.

Solve for x and y: It takes x Burtons y attempts to install a ceiling fan.

Dang Uncle Justin, you have some awesome painting skills!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July Y'all

Happy 4th of July from the Burtons. Specifically, from Uncle Justin and Zapato (festive). Hope y'all had a fantastic 4th of July weekend! Frank (Buddy-Ro), Sharon (Nana), Justin (Uncle Justin), and Libby (Zap's cousin) all came in to move things around in the Burton house in preparation for the Bean.

We got a ton of things accomplished and the house is looking amazing. We anticipated having everything completed today and pics ready to post, but there was a bump in the road.

More like a boulder.

So, the family is in for an extra day and I'll post some pics of the results soon.

But for now, enjoy a preview of the wall colors from Uncle J and Zapato.