Sunday, July 24, 2011

Zap's learning...slowly

What do you mean by "these aren't your toys"??

We have slowly, very slowly, been trying to teach our perfect pooch that things BB's room are not for him. When we are home, we leave the nursery door open and follow him downstairs to make sure he's not trying to ninja steal one of the toys. Sometimes, we won't even notice that he went downstairs, but we will hear him tear up the stairs, cut across the master bedroom carpet and dive under the bed Indiana Jones style with his new captive...the duck rattle (seen in the corner). For those of you who don't know this about our dog, under the bed is his secret lair where we will find tissue paper, mail, a shoe, a dead bug, a belt, and other things he knows are forbidden. It's like he thinks "if I can just make it under the bed, then their short arms cannot reach me MWHAHAHA".

So, now when we follow him downstairs, we let him approach the toys but say a stern "No, Leave it, Those are baby's toys" and then he just sits there and stares at us like this. Then we feel like we are neglectful parents. Then we wonder, good God, if we feel like this after telling our DOG no, we are in for some serious trouble when it comes to telling our kid no.

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  1. nahhhh. It's much harder to tell a dog no because they are so innocent. Telling kids no is easy, because they are all slightly evil on the inside.