Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Adventures in creating the nursery Part 3

If you haven't already done so, read Part 1.

Then read Part 2.

Then read the rest!

So after an a/c-less night + 3 fans from walmart and a lot of popsicles, we called the a/c guy bright and early 4th of July morning to come out and fix our misadventure. Apparently, the stud finder found the small copper tube you see there in the pic. The nail found its way all the way through and the freon found itself freed from its confines. So, even though we weren't able to get fireworks on the 4th, there was a blowtorch in the nursery.

Next, we patched the hole, spackled, and textured the heck out of the wall and assembled the crib. Frank, Sharon and Justin were nice enough to stay an extra day beyond what they had planned to help out with the repairs and the completion of the chair rail.

The final result!

We are totally in love with the result!! It is obviously a little bare, but we have a couple months to add the finishing touches.

Thanks to the Burtons for coming in from El Paso and Austin to help out with the nursery!!!


  1. is that duct tape in the wall, did he really fix it with duct tape?!? HA Love it

  2. That is duct tape in the wall. However, he did not duct tape the nail hole in the copper tube...would have been much cheaper that way. He had to solder a new piece of pipe up in there. Once he lit the blow torch I could no longer watch. I just knew the whole room was going to go up in flames.