Monday, July 18, 2011

29 weeks and babymoon

Here is the belly at 29 weeks. There is lots and lots of movement from the baby, mostly in and around my right rib cage. I felt it have the hiccups for the first time which was a pretty weird feeling, but really awesome. Hard to believe I'm in my last trimester!

Ryan and I rented a beach condo in Destin (actually Miramar) for a few days last week. Sort of a last hoorah with just the two of us before the baby gets here. We had a day and a half of gorgeous weather and then we had to walk away from the wall of water you see in the background. Despite the rain, we had an amazing time just relaxing, watching movies (LIKE THE LAST HARRY POTTER OMG!!), and eating some great food.

Zap is still being Zap and hogging all things in the house, like the snoogle.

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  1. The awesome daily thunderstorms, one of the few things I miss about Miami. Glad you guys had a great time! And are 29 weeks pregnant, would you stop looking so petite and cute?
    Want to see more pics!