Friday, March 18, 2011

What we are reading?

Here are a couple of odd situations that have occurred at the house lately. A couple of weeks ago, Ryan and I were watching the Social Network (awesome movie by the way-highly recommend it) and Ryan asked a question about why companies issue new stock. With all my shiny new knowledge from my finance class, I attempted to dazzle him with my brilliance. He was somewhat impressed and then thanked me for taking care of our retirement and investments. Last night, I went to bed around 9:30. Ryan came to bed around 10:30. Somewhere around 11:30 I got up with an incredibly full bladder and made a comment about how I have been getting up at least once, usually twice a night, to go to the restroom. Ryan, who was still awake, calmly says "Oh honey that's totally normal. It's because your uterus is putting more pressure on your bladder. You'll probably start to experience some mild back pain in the next month or so. And, you should probably know, you will have to use the restroom more at night the further you get along." I was really impressed and thanked him for being an awesome pregnancy guide to me.
Here's what I've been reading the past 4 weeks:

Here's what Ryan's been reading:

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