Thursday, March 10, 2011

My pants don't fit

Neither to half of my button up shirts. Yay for cardigans!

I need to wake up 15 minutes earlier just to account for my new routine of seeing what I no longer fit into. There are 3 pairs of dress pants and 1 pair of jeans that still fit my gut. So, since I don't really have bump yet, there's no point in buying maternity pants because they would just fall off. I did buy one of those "belly bands" and I think I'm using it wrong. I feel so insecure walking around with my pants unbuttoned with a glorified tube top holding them up. My zipper keeps on inching down and I just know my pants are going to fall off.

Normally, I would cherish any excuse to go shopping. However, having to go shopping for clothes to fit me during the is-liz-getting-fatter-or-is-she-knocked-up stage in dressing rooms with fluorescent overhead lighting is enough to make this emotional lady want to call in sick for the next month.

It's not that I've gained a ton of weight (4 whole pounds) but my body is just reorganizing itself. I just kept picturing that I would go from being comfortable in my regular clothes to needing maternity clothes with no frumpy in between stage. This is not happening. I have a muffin top.

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