Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bob's in my trunk

Don't worry. Bob's not a dead body, its a stroller. Yes we bought our stroller yesterday. We had a 20% off coupon to REI and we got our REI member dividend in, so we decided to celebrate our pregnancy with our first baby purchase and buy a stroller. It's so pimp. The staff at REI is fantastic and amazing and wonderful and helpful and pleasant. The bike shop mechanic even put Bob together for us and filled up his tires.

A bit about Bob. He's an awesome jogging stroller that can be adapted to fit an infant car seat. He turns on a dime and takes about 5 seconds to collapse and pop back up. Amazon ratings, awesome. Consumer report reviews, awesome. Baby Bargains grade, A. He's awesome. The experience was awesome.

Well, it was awesome until we strolled him out to my car, collapsed it down and threw it in my trunk. That's when it hit me. Holy crap, I am incubating a human! Soon there will be a baby in my car! Then there will be spit up on every scrap of clothing I own! Then it will be telling me it hates me because I didn't pack the right lunch (which will earn stern look and possibly a smack)! Then its getting married to someone with misspelled tattoos!

I realized I was getting a bit overwhelmed and my dear sweet husband drove me home while I tried to focus on something more short term... how am I going to reel in fish this summer with my belly in the way?

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