Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What the heck?

For the most part, our little dog is awesome. During the day he has free reign of the house. We can honestly count on one hand how many issues we've had with him while we've been gone. One day, he decided to climb on the kitchen table and destroy a Costco box of instant oatmeal (sticky and messy). Another day he decided that the chaise pillow had it out for him and he proceeded to disembowel the darn thing. Today, apparently, he concluded that it is difficult to make a sandwich for tomorrow's lunch without thumbs.

Solution: to hell with ziploc bags!


  1. LeJoy DickensAugust 10, 2011

    Look at that face!! And I see he must like the flip flops too! Doggy timeout was in order!! LOL!!!!

  2. I forgot to mention that he destroyed my work blackberry 2 days after it was upgraded. Apparently he heard it chime in my purse, climbed onto the table, fished it out of my purse, took it back to the couch and chewed it up. I felt really special going to our ops manager saying "my dog ate my blackberry."