Sunday, May 29, 2011

Snoogle hog

I have always been a stomach sleeper. With the ever growing bump, my neck finds itself in very uncomfortable positions when, despite my best efforts, I roll onto my stomach during the night to sleep. Eventually, the bean started kicking the crap out of me and waking me up to roll over and off of it. The only other position I have really slept in is on my back. Apparently, sleeping on your back is just as bad after 20 weeks or so since it decreases blood flow to the baby.

I hate sleeping on my side. Limbs fall asleep, its just uncomfortable. A couple of my friends have told me about the magical C shaped, body length, snoogle pillow. I went ahead and bought this pillow last week in order to lodge my body into one position on my side for the night. I got a great night's sleep, on my side, and have had fantastic sleep ever since.

Zap is equally pleased with the pillow. (notice his actual bed on the floor, unused)

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