Monday, June 27, 2011

Best. Description. Ever.

I was talking to an extremely laid back, awesome co-worker with a 1 year old about what it's going to be like with a kiddo in the house. I know that there's nothing in the world that can prepare me for the joy and destruction we are about to experience so I have no expectations whatsoever. When I relayed this sentiment to Co-Worker she said:

"Yeah having a kid is great. You laugh a lot, but not at what you would think is funny before having a kid. Like, projectile poop is really funny. Especially when it hits the wall and none makes it on the carpet. Pretty amazing stuff, the poop. But really, it's like living with a really cute crack-head. They depend on you for everything, eat all your food, take all your money, destroy your house, cannot communicate coherently, test your last nerve, and won't get a job"

I waited for more, like "but its all sunshine and rainbows and totally worth it magicalness" but she just smiled, sipped her coffee and sighed.

She's my new favorite at work.

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  1. it's true. Everything is 5 minutes ago funny. In the moment you are like, omg wtf...but 5 minutes later all you do is smile.
    Example: Lily got the peanut butter out of the pantry, stuck a drawer full of spoons in it and was making peanut butter popsicles. In the moment, not funny and I scrubbed peanut butter out of the carpet, 5 minutes later, freaking hilarious.