Monday, January 31, 2011

So you're saying I look fat?

Let me first start by saying that I love salt. I often salt things before I even taste them. This is probably why I retain water like a camel. Now that pregnancy hormones are surging through my veins and my digestion has slowed down (apparently that's a side effect), I am bloated beyond all recognition. Literally. I ran into a friend of mine's mom the other day at work and she reported back to my friend "Liz's face has gotten bigger"... which is a really polite way of saying "Dang she kind of blew up!"

This morning, one of the physicians I work with came in to chat and said "you look like you feel pregnant." I don't really know how to take that one. My boobs are bigger? Check. You look like you sort of want to yack on the desk? Check. Your face looks bigger? Damnit.

Time to lay of the salt and start walking Zapato (our dog/ first child) around the block to get the blood flow circulating.

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